How To Transfer Indosat Pre-Paid Account Balance ?

Are you an Indosat pre-paid subscriber ? I bet that pre-paid subscriber like us already know how things work : low account balance means no outgoing call, no sending text, no packet data. The unpleasant feeling of being isolated raises the urge to top-up immediately. Luckily, we can transfer some of our account balance to help out our friends and vice versa. This method works with Mentari and IM3, two providers from Indosat. Remember these simple steps and you are good to go.

1) Dial *123*7*2*3#

2) Press ‘1’ to top-up, then press send/dial

3) Input the destination number, then press send/dial

4) Input the balance amount to transfer, then press send/dial. The minimum amount is Rp 5000 while the maximum amount is Rp 200,000

5) Wait for confirmation. Press ‘1’ then press send/dial to confirm

You will be charged Rp 600 for every transfer you made. There is a limit for the total transfer you can make in one day, which is Rp 200,000. However, there is no limit for the balance you can receive in a day. You can also extend the active period of your peer by transferring more than Rp 5000 in a single transaction.

Warning ! There are two conditions for the transaction to proceed :
– The sender have at least Rp 5600 in his/her account balance. You can transfer with the minimum amount, which is Rp 5000, and Rp 600 will be deducted for the charge.
– Both sender and recipient must be in their active period. Sender only lose a little of his/her balance while active period remains.



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